About iTe2

ITe2 Technology Inc. was founded in 2001, is Taiwan’s communications technology company, to research and development, licensing and provision of software services business. Mr. Jiang Guanyu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Qiu Yingxiong, Honorary Chairman of the Board, jointly led the professional and technical leading R & D team to expand the infinite business opportunities for the software application market.



Marketing SMS Services – https://www.ite2.com/Home/Index/ServiceMessage
Mobile Website Services(Landing Page) – https://blog.ite2.com/message-web/
MMS – https://mms.ite2.com/
API SMS Services(SMPP) – https://blog.ite2.com/smpp/
Windows 10 NAS – https://www.ite2nas.com/

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